Who we are We're part of God's family. Not all of it, just a part. We've experienced some of God's goodness and glory in our own lives and we want to share it with you. We're people from all sorts of backgrounds. We come in all shapes and sizes and all ages. It's not that we're special or particularly good or clever - we're not - but God is special. We've found that He can change our lives and do what seemed to be impossible. That worth celebrating! We have a plaque over the entrance to the chapel that reads like this: 'Not by power, not by might but by my Spirit, says the Lord Almighty.' It's a quote from the Bible (in Zechariah 4:6) and it sums up a lot of our experience. We worship a great God, the One who, through Jesus, saves us and, by His Spirit, stays with us. We've found that, in loving Him, we've learnt to love each other too. Church is just a gathering of God's people. Wherever we meet, we're the church (or part of it). We have a special bond between us because we all share God's Spirit and many of us share similar experiences. We've found that we are stronger together than when we are apart. We learn more from each other than we can do on our own. We can do more for God when we work together than we can alone. Our worship together is often different and sometimes more profound, when we share it together.
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