Why a Baptist Church? The Baptist Church is one of the oldest protestant denominations and overall, one of the largest Christian groups in the world. We acknowledge the truth of the Bible and use it as our basis for knowing about God. We also acknowledge that Jesus is still with us by His Spirit and so still talks to us - ours is not a static faith but a growing, living experience of God. We got the name 'Baptist' because we practise baptism for believers, in other words, we wait until people are old enough to decide for themselves whether they want to follow Jesus or not, then we baptise them in water - lots of it! Our most important belief is that Jesus has the power to save and transform lives, if only we put our faith in Him. In that we are not so different to most of the other Christian churches around. Indeed we often meet with Christians from other churches for combined services, etc. We believe that all those who put their trust in Jesus can know God for themselves. There is no need to go through anyone else, so we can all join in with all aspects of the worship; we can all learn from each other and no-one is more important than anyone else.
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