What’s a Christian? A Christian is someone who has put Christ at the centre of their lives. Jesus Christ is God-made-human, God’s answer to a world of need. Our primary need is for a connection with God, our Maker. He re-aligns us and completes us. He is perfect love and perfect goodness. We are far from that. Our natural direction is away from God. We cannot find our way to Him by ourselves, so God Himself made the bridge between us - Jesus. He came to live as we live and to show us God’s love as He did so. He also came to die in a way that He didn’t deserve but we do, in order to take upon Himself all our wrong deeds, our pains and our sorrows. Jesus Himself said that He was the way to God. He said that if we trust in Him, we’ll find eternal life. Putting our trust in Jesus does not come easily to us. It means that we have to turn away from the way that we live and commit to living in God’s way. As we come honestly to God and admit our need of Him and our failure to live in His way, He has committed to forgive us. That takes away the barrier between us and God so that a relationship can form. By His Spirit He comes to us and lives in us and starts to change us, making us more like Him, more in line with His ways. If you want to know more, why not get in touch? enquiries@nsb.org.uk
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