Eeyore in Ethiopia with David
Winnie with Liz and daughter Kat and Kat’s family in New York
Tigger with Ann in New Zealand
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Piglet has become an important character in our church. He may be only a little pink felt toy pig but he has become a representative of the church family as a whole. (Click on the pictures to see them larger)
It all started when Bill Johnson had to go out to Afghanistan on active duty, shortly after being baptised in our church. For a long time, Piglet had sat somewhere in the chapel, as one of the toys that the children could play with but Bill always noticed him and for him, Piglet started to represent the fellowship of the church that he had come to rely upon so much. He decided to take Piglet with him when he had to go away, as a reminder that we were all praying for him.
After that, it got to be a fellowship habit - if any of us went away, Piglet came too! (and sometimes his friends) Here’s a little taster of some of their travels.
Piglet in Croatia with Pat
Piglet in Croatia with John and Enid
Sunday Lunch