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Brian says: “When I was small, my Grandma used to take me to Enfield Baptist church sometimes. Later I joined the church Scout Troop. At the same time I used to go to a Gospel Hall Sunday school. Married with children moving to North Shields we found an exciting, friendly church, and we joined in.” What do you like best about Howard Street ? “Loving Christ and happily serving and worshipping together with friends, being part of the music ministry - it is a place where I feel I have been able to serve God and come closer to Jesus.” Family and friends involvement. “Our children were brought up in the church. Our daughter is now at Bible College overseas. We have served together with friends of all ages - our extended family..” What is your favourite part of the service at Howard Street ? “My favourite parts of the service are worship, and sharing together.” What would you say to people who are visiting this website? “North Shields Baptist can be your extended family, an amazing place of love for people, and of spirituality and prayer. Check it out - Become involved! Find Jesus!”
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