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‘The Word and the Way’, by Liz Edwards, 4th March 2018 o John 1:1-18 & 14:1-14 ‘Our Father’, by Liz Edwards, 25th February 2018 o Matthew 6:5-15; Hosea 11:1-4 ‘Trinity’ by Liz Edwards, 18th February 2018 o Romans 8; extracted from an all-age service, o including drama (poor sound quality) ‘Father and Son’ by Liz Edwards, 14th January 2018 o Luke 2:41-52; Hebrews 4:14-16 & 5:7-9 ‘Rejoice!’ by Stephen Cook, 29th October 2017 o John 15:1-11 ‘A Life in Exile’, by Liz Edwards, 15th October 2017 o 1 Peter 1:17-21; Exodus 2:11-25 ‘God hears… and He acts’, by Liz Edwards, 8th October 2017 o Exodus 2:1-10 & 1:8-22 ‘Living it out… Right to the End’, by Liz Edwards, 24th September 2017 o Acts 28:16-31 ‘Facing the Storm’, by Liz Edwards, 17th September 2017 o Acts 27 ‘Walking into the Fire’ by Liz Edwards, 10th September 2017 o Acts 21:7-15 ‘Driven to the Task’, by Liz Edwards, 3rd September 2017 o Acts 20:17-38